Trick Belt (or Hobble Belt)


We've been making and selling Trick Belts for well over a decade now, since before Leatherbeaten even existed. I don't think I'll ever get bored with them; they are just too much fun. How can you not like a good, strong leather belt that has a secret identity as a set of wrist / knee / ankle cuffs / armbinder / general restraint? Anyone with an even slightly devious mind (yes, I'm talking to you!) will find a myriad of uses for this spectacularly versatile, but oddly unobtrusive, toy.

There are a couple of things I like best about the trick belt; one is the gift of spontaneity it bestows on the owner. Find yourself at a slow-to-warm-up party? Cuff the host to the staircase! Cute, but annoyingly shy date? Suggest they strap you to a streetlamp and lick you all over! Know what I mean? Spontaneous. The other thing I like best about the Trick Belt is watching people's faces as they realise what it is. They go from basically blank curiosity, to dawning recognition, to delightful understanding and straight on to imaginative overdrive, in the space of seconds! It's a humbling sight, and one I never tire of.

This is one toy you will never tire of, either. I mean, the worst thing it can be is a very cool belt. And there's always room for one of those in our lives. It's the perfect gift for your inner (or outer) perv...

Great looking 8 oz latigo belt is 1.25" wide, and fits all regular jean beltloops. Standard size fits up to 44" waist. If you need longer than that, contact us - we can do it.

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