Premium Suede flogger


Okay, okay! So I'm not so much "a bit biased" as totally prejudiced, but maybe that's because I've been making these floggers for two decades now, and I know what goes into them, and how they compare to everything else out there.

This is another classic flogger, a must have in anyone's toybag. This rich, thick suede cowhide is among the most versatile of flogger materials. Taken softly, it's a sensuous tickle. A little harder and it's a gentle warmer upper. Turn it on a bit and the abrasive qualities of suede begin to assert themselves, reddening the skin and settling into a hot prickliness. Crank it up, and the heat and heaviness get almost unbearably exquisite.

Like all our premium floggers, it's also perfectly balanced to be as easy on the wielder's hands as possible.

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