Premium Shot-loaded Paddle


Hardcore paddle aficionados - givers or receivers - will love this wonderful toy, a redesigned version of one of our earliest pieces.  Truly, a prince among paddles, with a regal medieval aesthetic to match, dripping authority and heft.

We've married veg tanned English bridle leather to a supple, stingy oil tan, creating a pretty substantial hunk of slappery.  Did I mention that one face is flat, while the other is festooned with shiny diamond and dolphin studs?  No?  Well, it is, with the result that each side looks, feels and signs itself quite differently. 

And then, we've gone and shot loaded the handle.  That adds a beautiful weight, bounce, flex and kick; it's like no other paddle I can think of.  

Is it cheap?  No.  Is it magnificent?  Yes.

NB, this is a big chunky paddle with a chunky handle.  As such, it's perhaps not suited to people with tiny hands...


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