Elkhide Cat whip


If you've never experienced an elkhide cat, this may change your life! You can try all you like, but you're not going to find a better braided Cat o' Nine anywhere.

Each whip is individually weighted to ensure comfort and fluidity of use; and our gently padded ergonomic handle keeps wear and tear on the user's arm to a minimum. The business end is composed of nine lovely 24" long lashes of rich, supple elkhide, full of bounce and heft.

At play, it is beyond luscious. Elk is heavier than deer, and lacks the sharpness of goat and the harshness of cow. The impact is felt below (rather than on) the surface of the skin, and as it fades, a beautiful tingling warmth spreads out deep down within the muscles, like a particularly exhilarating massage. We're not kidding about this. It's great.  

9 x 24"(ish) lashes - may vary, depending on the elk in question...

8 lace braided handle. Pineapple knots top and bottom. Braided keeper.

Black lash only.

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