Orion Harness for Men


This versatile leather harness for men is something every sexually adventurous couple needs. It’s particularly excellent for double penetration, which many women find an incredibly intense sexual experience. It's also ideal where the woman wants to keep going, but the guy's, er, tired. Simply pop in a dildo, and take off again. Many guys will find that in itself quite reinvigorating...

For even more raw sex power, adding our ‘Harness Pal’ (not included) will allow the man to be anally penetrated at the same time. How fulfilling is all that?

As a bonus, it matches our luscious Bullhide RestraintsMade with the same sumptuous bullhide leather, the Orion has a detachable cock ring, and comes with a 1.75” cast chrome O ring, which can be easily changed.

Small fits 25” to 42” hips/waist

Large goes up to 53" hips/waist, and leg/posterior (path from O ring, down around crotch, and back up behind to the back of the waist strap) up to 30". 

XL goes up to 72" hips/waist, and leg/posterior up to 36".

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