Liquid Cane


The Liquid Cane has proven to be a very popular item over the years, and has actually developed a bit of a following around the world. Despite, or more likely because of, our warning that this is a toy for serious, committed pain sluts, people are attracted to it like moths to a candle, and with much the same results.

It consists of 18" of solid round neoprene rubber, 5/16" in diameter, which delivers a tremendous amount of PSI (Pain per Square Inch) to a very localised area, i.e. your buttock, and offers a free built in "wraparound" effect, for extra shock value.

It's quite the nasty piece of work, and it hurts, rather a lot, despite its friendly looking rubber hanging loop and black rubber handle. If you think your sub deserves, and can handle, a deep, stingy, bruising, hard, unforgiving beating with a rubber cane, look no further!

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