Delrin Cane


Made from a chemical compound blessed with the musical name of polyoxymethylene, our Delrin Cane offers high stiffness, low friction, great dimensional stability (says Wiki), and an exceptional degree of bendiness (says me). In normal cane usage, and we all know what that is, it's virtually indestructible. Which is nice, I think you'll agree.

What isn't so nice is this 18" long by 1/4" diameter cane's effect on naked, tremulous human flesh. It's light, fast, whippy, stingy and hard, and it leaves marks on skin reminiscent of those you see on meat that's been thrown onto a hot barbie.  And left there.

There are lots and lots of people who adore this sort of thing, and the Delrin Cane is another one of our pieces that has its own large and enthusiastic, if respectful, fan club. However, if you're not committed to a loving relationship with pain, there's nothing for you here. Move along now, please....

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