All Leatherbeaten products are warrantied against defects in materials or manufacturing. Got a problem with any of our gear? Drop us a line, and we'll talk. Do not simply ship it back without talking to us first. If we've made a terrible mistake, and put a buckle on backwards, or tried (and partially succeeded) to use chocolate rivets on a hogtie, we'll take care of it.

If damage arises from what we (or any normal, sane human being) would consider neglect or abuse - eg, whips used as doggie chew toys, harnesses used as Jolly Jumpers - you will have to take care of it yourselves.

Upon approval of a warranty case, we'll decide whether to repair or replace the article.

Returns should be sent to: Leatherbeaten Inc, PO Box 57077, The Queensway, Etobicoke, Canada, M8Y 3Y2.