Your privacy is very important to us. Obviously, it's not possible to operate this type of website without collecting some degree of personal data, but the only thing we will ever use that data for is to complete your orders.

We only use your information to fulfill your orders. So we'll share your address with the people at Canada Post, but we won't send out packagaes emblazoned "LEATHERBEATEN", nor will we label the box "WORLDS BEST SEX TOYS!!!", or any of that nonsense.  Your orders will be delivered as anonymously as possible, and no one will know or guess what's inside.

We do use return email addresses to answer the email we receive. With your permission, we may one day contact you with special offers / information. However, we've rarely done that in the past, and it's unlikely we will do so very much in the future.  

We do not and will not use them for any other purpose, and we do not and will not ever sell or share them with anyone, including but not limited to familiar internet characters such as exiled former cabinet ministers, ladies of good breeding looking for a husband/good time, or pharmacists of dubious provenance with an unhealthy interest in the size of your gonads.

Basically, we promise not to abuse in any way the trust you place in us by communicating with us online, and thereto, we plight thee our troth.