Leatherbeaten's Tupperware Party

Leatherbeaten - one word - is a small but perfectly formed leather company, specialising in hand made whips, floggers and flagellators of the highest quality. Our gear offers one of the widest array of sensation toys anywhere in the world. It was described recently as ranging "from soft as a feather to hard as a chainsaw", and although that's a bit of an exaggeration, it isn't much of one.

We've been in the business since 1997. The pic above is from a piece of original poster we made - we started out holding 'tupperware parties' in homes and micro-venues, inviting local kink enthusiasts. The logo was cut out of a Good Housekeeping magazine and modified appropriately. People ate, drank, conversed and laughed. From them we learned what they wanted and got to work. We still find our best inspiration from the folks we meet, looking for a piece that's exactly what they need.

We're proud to supply some of the best fetish stores on three continents. We're still working on the others! Many of our goods are unique, original designs, such as our Penitent series, based on actual religious flagellators, which we enjoy because of their elaborate nastiness and human scale.

But we're not just about droolable flagellation kit.  We also produce a broad range of bondage items, including blindfolds, restraints, harnesses, CBT gear, collars and a series of BDSM themed introductory kits.  We work with a variety of materials, including many different types of leather, rubber, silk brocade, rope and just plain weird stuff like seagrass!

There's a world of difference between Leatherbeaten and many of our competitors, and you will see it in our gear. What sets us apart is a commitment to quality.  We have no shareholders to answer to, so we are not driven by the bottom line (so to speak).  What pushes us is the crafters' instinct to build a durable, functional, beautiful piece of work.  If you are in the market for a flogger, for instance, your browsing across the web will throw up many, many sites advertising floggers that look much the same.  Reason is, they are the same.  They come mostly from South Asia, and they are of dubious quality.  We know, because Leatherbeaten is targetted on a daily basis by the factories that produce them, and have had occasion to dismantle a sample or two.  You will never find that stuff here.  We make all of our own gear, in house, right here, and we stand behind everything we make.


After many years in the small-ish town of Peterborough, Ontario, in the fragrant pine woods just south of the Canadian shield, Leatherbeaten relocated to the mean streets of Toronto in the summer of 2015.  Actually, we were drawn here by the lake...

We have a small retail space for walk in customers in our workshop. If ever you should find yourself in Toronto, please feel free to drop in for a visit. We're located in the enormous, and enormously eccentric, building at unit 6B,  222 Islington Ave, where we enjoy frankly superlative windows.  If you're coming in from out of town, or just want to be sure we are, in fact, in and available, please call or email us first to let us know.

We hope you will find things you like on our website. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, complaints or compliments you may have. We love to hear from you, and while we may whip, we don't bite.