Bedspreader, under bed harness only


This is our take on the ever popular under-the-bed restraint thing. First, we recognise that many people already own a set of wrist and ankle restraints that they love. So we offer the webbing part as a standalone piece that you can hook your own gear up to - be it naval rope, silk scarves, leather cuffs or chain.

Secondly, we decided to make it sturdy and durable - two of our favourite words - so we ruthlessly eliminated anything we saw as a potential weakness. You may have seen these with split key-chain rings for O rings. Not this one. Only solid 1.5" diameter nickel plated welded steel rings are used. In the same way, you won't see any handbag grade swivel snaps on this restraint. We use harness grade hardware only, and that is way better than anything our competitors use. We also felt that stitching the webbing may create a weak point, so we didn't do it. Instead we used webslides which have two advantages - they make the whole piece infinitely adjustable, and they are effectively immovable when placed.

And speaking of adjustable, this will easily accommodate any bed from a humble single in your student bachelor, all the way up to a 14' diameter monumental sex leviathan in your rocknroll / hollywood / plutocrat superstar penthouse lair. And anything in between.

In short, this is probably the best under bed restraint on the market right now.

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