Premium Therapy flogger


In the soupy world of that complex emotional roleplay that most of us seem to inhabit these days, many of us yearn to strip away all of our masks, and shells, and possibly carapaces; to burn away the fogs of deception and to stand finally, naked and free, screaming: "This is Me!! This is who I am!! Love Me Anyway!!!", and so on, This is of course perfectly normal.

For you, we have created Therapy, a magnificent tool for for delaminating and laying bare the soul. Currently available in Reichian, Gestalt and the ever popular Primal Scream.

Therapy consists of 20 or so 1/2" wide lashes of harsh and stinging 1/16" neoprene rubber, balanced and mounted on our signature eight lace braided handle (which is 8" long and festooned with pineapple knots, top and bottom). It's quite beautiful, but it really doesn't care what you think of it. And it hurts quite a lot.

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