Premium Light Flogger


Over the years, we've had a number of requests for us to offer our Premium floggers in a lighter version. Often, they are from people with RSI, wrist or tendinitis issues, who find the heavier floggers a bit of a strain. Being agreeable and largely sympathetic folk, we put together our Premium Light Cowhide or Suede flogger.

Devious production techniques allowed us to hollow out the core, and the use of the lovely herringbone handle braid meant we could dispense with the top knob/knot.

The result is a flogger that's well balanced, has a good complement of lashes, but weighs substantially less than the regular premiums. In all other respects, the Premium Light Cowhide is comparable to the Premium Cowhide - it's versatile, smooth with a sting, handles very nicely, and will be a great addition to any toy box.

The Premium Light Suede version is comparable to the Premium Suede. It's a versatile, fluid flogger that can flip from sensual play to a sensual beating in the blink of an eye with that lovely warm thuddiness characteristic of suede.

Available in 20" lashes only.

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