Premium Bullhide flogger


I have to confess to an outbreak of blind prejudice when it comes to our bullhide flogger, because it's one of the best floggers I've ever seen. And you can believe me when I tell you that I've seen more than a few.

This one has everything. It's cut from beautiful, thick 8oz bullhide, which is super heavy, but has the fluidity of garment leather. Imagine a pair of leather curtains an eighth of an inch thick. That's the kind of suppleness this leather has.

When I think of 'flogger', it's something very like this that springs to mind; rich, weighty, thuddy with a nice bit of edge, leading to a tendency to get somewhat hectic, but so stunningly attractive that you forgive it all the pain it causes. What more can I say? The best. Even vanilla folk will love this thing, and your friends would gnaw their own arms off to possess one.

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