Premium Belting flogger


Belting by name, belting by nature. What we have here is a harsh, astringent painfest; as an endorphin enabler, this flogger is second only to the Therapy.

The Belting is a flogger with a lot going on, all at the same time - it's heavy, thuddy, yes, but also sharp and stingy. It will create deep, deep bruises that will gladden the heart of the most rhino arsed sub.

This delightfully nasty customer is constructed from 5 oz medium belting cowhide, which is a bit on the stiff side, though it will soften up with time and use. The nature of the beast, however, will not change; it will always feel hard and sharp.

At the risk of overstatement, Thumpy the Rabbit Flogger this is not.

20" long by 1/2" wide lashes.
Eight strand braided handle.
Pineapple knots top and bottom.

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