Glittering Cow Premium Flogger - cheery holiday Red Lamé


For all the people out there who lust after shiny red leather, here's a lovely black and red lamé luscious premium flogger with 20" lashes and eight lace ruby handle.  We made it up in a fit of holiday spirit, but of course nobody knows it exists, until now. Just think of how flash that would be in a club's soft lighting. Sparkle, sparkle! And it'd be easy to keep track of the tails...

The Lamé half of the lashes is firmer, resulting in a piece with a little more sting and weight than our standard premium cowhide floggers. Still sweet and easy in the hand, like all of our premium floggers.

Only one. Available to the first person who hands their hard earned cash over to our overworked elves here in the workshop.

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