Liquid Truncheon


If you're not running away terrified from the Liquid Cane, as I'm sure many of you aren't, you may be interested to know that that exceedingly nasty article has an even nastier big brother, promisingly named the Liquid Truncheon.

It's another 18" length of solid, heavy, chunky neoprene rubber, this time in an even bigger, horribler fuller 1/2" diameter. Featuring the impish charm and debonair urbanity of a professionally administered knee in the groin, it's all pain, all bruises, all tears. If that's what you like, you will absolutely love this adorable club of a toy.

Jaded or bored or simply pressed-for-time Doms will no doubt appreciate its extremely high ratio of "pain inflicted" to "effort required". Subs will be reduced to bubbling lumps of misery in less time than it takes to say "Crucio!"

Pictured here is the Liquid Cane, with it's big sibling, Liquid Truncheon.

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