Liquid Lightning


Oh dear oh dear oh dear. I can almost hear the lustful moans of hard core pain sluts as they wet their pants in excitement over the arrival of the latest addition to our particularly painful lineup of liquid percussion pieces.

Liquid Lightning is here, boys and girls, and in my humble, but correct, opinion, it represents a serious ramping up of the thrashing threshold over the Liquid Cane, and even the legendary Liquid Truncheon. It achieves this notable, erm, achievement by the simple expedient of being made of 1/4" square rubber cord; something which literally gives it an edge over its elder siblings. Quite a sharp edge.

The effect is intense, something like a cane crossed with a razor blade might feel. It marks very quickly. Catch an edge, and you will come out in thin thin thin red lines. Catch the face, and you're going to be painted in 1/4" wide, bruisy stripes. Either way, you're going to be sorry.

No part of it is friendly to your soft and yielding human flesh; it just hurts and hurts and hurts. It's like hell on Black Friday, but you know what? If this is your thing - and we know you know who you are - you will be on your knees thanking us for bringing it into your life.

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