Venial flagellator


The Venial is a perfect remedy for those annoying and tedious lower grade sins like being overly pleased with oneself or wilfully expressing a (wrong) opinion. Short, sharp and localised, the Venial produces a delightful 'stippling' effect a la Roy Liechtenstein, and the piety-inducing sensation builds up with gratifying speed. A well known store owner friend of ours once said that the Venial is "what nipples were made for". I don't think that's entirely true, but I know what she means. Sensations range from walking in a gentle spring rain, to driving in a hailstorm.

Approximately 16" in overall length, the Venial consists of goatskin leather spiral braid, giving way to two round braids each, finishing off with four tails, each containing three tight bloodknots. Mounted on a 7" oak handle, the Venial also has a flatbraided wriststrap.

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