Torquemada flagellator


Over the years, Torquemada has probably been the most creatively misspelled thing we've made. That's perfectly understandable - not too many people call their kids 'Torquemada' anymore, do they?

Torquemada is named for the infamous chief of the Spanish Inquisition. Like its namesake, it is torturously complex, and remarkably good at securing confessions from subjects (who may or may not actually be guilty). Each Torquemada is intricately constructed from over twenty feet of 2mm round leather cord, knotted, braided and woven into a totally unique piece. Torquemada is also available in 2mm cotton cord, which makes it a little lighter, but still quite sharp piece.

It's very springy and responsive, and can be used very effectively for light teasing, though where it excels is in reducing a willing subject to something that looks like exceedingly rare roast beef.

Fans love the fact that it's so portable - fits easily into a pocket - always ready, and that it is so light to use, you can keep going with it for hours and hours and hours...

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