Scourge whip


Small, sweet, delicate and more trouble than a herd of crocodiles at a dentists' convention. What can I say? Scourge is, depending on how you use it, gentle and soothing or rakingly painful.

Perfect for anyone with RSI problems, like tendonitis or carpal tunnel, in their arms or shoulders. Scourge is very light to use, but extremely versatile in effects. 

Deceptively multifaceted, it features three snappy goatskin leather lashes each finely braided around a core of bitey 2mm diameter veg tan leather lace. The lashes are mounted on a flexible rubber core and covered with leather. An oh so lovely pineapple knot sits on the pommel knob, for aesthetics and control. Not for beginners perhaps, but sensation connoisseurs will eat this up!

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