Eve flagellator


Some time ago a pro domme from West Australia asked us about the possibility of scaling up a Venial to give it more kinetic energy. So we had a go, and liked the result so much we decided to keep it. She was called Eve, so it just seemed right to name the piece after her. The sin, after all, was originally hers.

Everything about Eve is scaled up, including the width of the tails and handle. There are 32 bloodknots. The effect is something like being pelted with tiny, sharp edged stones, or hailstones; the knots are small and hard and they fall in a small shower, which can be localised or widespread. It's not a gentle feel, the knots are dense enough to mark very easily, but it's not heavy, either.

Many of the Penitent series do not fall easily into the traditional stud / thing spectrum, and this is definitely one of them!

Overall lash length is 20"and the total overall length excluding the wriststrap is 27".

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