Carmelita flagellator


Oh, Sin! Once upon a time, Sinning was a shameful thing. Penitence had to be done. Expiation had to be earned. Nowadays, Sin is just something people get up to so they can post the pics on Fetlife! Sin is glamorous, fashionable and hot!

We've been able to reconcile past and present with Carmelita, an instrument of both sin and atonement so perfect that it will slake your lust for deviance, while simultaneously causing such righteous pain that no deity anywhere would expect more from you in the way of flesh mortification!

Four heavy half knot sinnets made of 1/4" manila rope form the business end of this piety inducing device, and the lovely knotted leather (or cotton cord) handle set it off delightfully. Overall length, 20" or so.

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