Rita Flogger


Rita is one of the original Stick Sisters, our oldest small floggers, and her 5 oz oiltan leather lashes have made her very popular over the years. Rita handles well, quite a bit whippier than most light floggers, and can deliver a range of sensations from the sensually soft, to sharp and intense. The tips can be accurately flicked onto localised points, or swept across larger areas, and the lashes will lay across the back or buttocks to great effect! 18" long light oiltan lashes on a durable delrin handle.

The Rubber Rita looks similar to the leather version, but the resemblance doesn't go much further than that. Rubber Rita is nasty! There's really no cuddly side to her. There are six 1/16" thick, 1/4" wide, 18" long tails that can rapidly translate kinetic energy into the native language of the planet Arrghh, where all words are variations of the same basic concept, from which the planet takes its name. You get to choose how quickly and how heavily the blow fall, but the quality of the impact will always be sharp, stingy and unrepentantly painful. Strangely, many people absolutely love the Rubber Rita.

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