Glow Floggers


Allow me to introduce you to the Glows, really more of a clan structure than a family of floggers; complete with lineage and lineal attributes. The Glows' closest living relatives are the Radiances, which, as we all know, are descended from a palaeo-flagellator known as the Maid of Suede. A chance mutation deep in the mists of time produced a short lived variation that lives in the fossil record as the Maid of Grain. That in turn passed on its genes to the extinct neoflagellithic Aunt Matilda. Modern DNA testing has concluded that all of today's Glows are descended from just 43 Aunt Matildas, which makes us feel kind of humble.

They're a great budget-minded flogger that's still uses top quality leathers - the same leathers we use in our premium line up. If you want to experiment with all the delicious range of sensations that leather floggers can provide, without breaking the bank account, you can't go wrong with the Glows.

All Glows share certain characteristics. For example, they are all constructed of a single piece of leather, or in one case, rubber. This is what makes them so robust and durable; the lash extends all the way up the handle. They all have corset stitched handles. Until now, they have all had plain pommel knobs, though there have been reports of Turk's Head knot sightings in recent times - this may be a result of interbreeding with feral DragonFires in areas of sparse population.

Glow lashes are always 18" long by 1/2" wide; lash numbers vary depending on material. Finally, all Glows, no matter what they're made from, move smoothly, and are light and fluid in the hand.

All Glows are available in black, but colour variations are only available in the Suede, Garment Cowhide, and Bullhide populations. Please include a quick note to specify a different colour option for these leathers, as we can't include it in the options listing. Colour options are stated below for each leather.

For the Suede Glow, we use a substantial but soft 2.5 - 3oz garment suede, which is great either for a little sensual play all by itself, or as an appetising introduction to a more complex menu of play. Suede's versatility comes from its slightly rough finish, permitting sensations from the warm and fuzzy, literally, to hot and abrasive, again, literally. This is a solid, well made piece that will earn a place in any toybag. Available in black, red, purple, and blue.

The Garment Cowhide is a light and versatile flogger, with a certain amount of sting. It's a go-to flogger, essential for every tool bag.  Taken lightly, it'll tickle and stimulate, but turn the heat up a bit and its stingier, bitier qualities will come to the fore.  Available in black, red, purple, oxblood, and yellow.

The Belting Glow is a rather tasty 5oz slightly oiled belting leather. It's sharp, hard and dense, and it packs a nice, compact, sting-filled wallop that's guaranteed to focus the attention. This is a flogger that will leave its mark, shall we say.... Available in black only.

For the Rubber Glow, if it needs saying again, and I'm sure it doesn't, Rubber Is Intense. Leatherbeaten cannot recommend the Rubber Glow to anyone who doesn't appreciate the physical and emotional catharsis a sound, harsh thrashing can provide. But those of you who do, will love this thing! Available in black only.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have our Elk Glow, which you won't be surprised to hear is made from Elkhide! A beautiful 4 - 4.5 oz leather that never fails to elicit ooh la las of pleasure from everyone who handles it. Elk is heavy, about twice as heavy as deer, just as soft, and even more utterly luscious. There's no edge, no sting, just a great thuddy thudding of thud, like essence of distilled thuddiness. Am I succeeding in painting a picture here? Hint - the words "delicious", "gorgeous", "sumptuous", "luxurious" "decadent" and "divine" all definitely apply. Available in black only.

And finally the Bullhide Glow is made from 6 - 8 oz bullhide, which delivers a nice thuddy blow with a side of sting along the edges.  The Bullhide is heavy, flexible leather - like garment cowhide on steroids.  If you're looking for a medium range luxury flogger, this is a good choice. Available in black, red, purple, and aqua.

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