DragonFire flogger


DragonFire is a new piece for us this year, and something we put together after a number of requests for similar pieces. It's not so much a singletail as a unilash, and we kinda like it.

It's a single length of suede, cut to a long taper, which channels kinetic energy down the lash and into the tip, where it's more than happy to break the sound barrier with a resounding crack. There's a more sensual side to it, and it's equally happy to wrap its suede warmth around arms, legs and, er, what have you.

DragonFire falls somewhere between a whip and a flogger (a flip, maybe, or a whigger?), is tons of fun and perhaps the best place to start a journey of discovery into the esoteric world of singletails. We've mounted it on a corset stitched leather handle, and you have the option of a basic knob, or one with a fancy woven Turk's Head cover knot.

Overall length is 36"

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