Cowpoke flogger


Ideally suited to heavier players and/or people who are just plain NASTY, the Cowpoke is an uncompromising creation that would leave welts on a bull elephant. Well, okay, it would have to be a particularly sensitive, thin skinned and easily marked bull elephant. One has to protect oneself against allegations of misrepresentation, you know. But it will definitely leave marks on any human you care to name.... Rest assured that if you say it with Cowpoke, you'll generally only have to say it once.

Simple, straightforward, very assertive; some may feel there's a certain lack of elegance, or even attractiveness. Personally, I don't agree; there's something almost primordial about those lashes, and the spiral ridge of the French grapevine braid handle is very easy on the eye.

The lighter Cowpoke is composed of 6 strands of 3mm round leather lacing, which is light but insistent and very sharp.

The heavier Cowpoke is composed of 4 strands of 5mm round leather lacing, which is thumpy, bruisy and unreasonably sharp, all at once! Overall length is 18" or so.

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