Bessie flogger


Another of our very early Stick Sisters trio, the leather Bessie has stood the test of time well. She's the short, wide one, more slappy than stingy, and an excellent warm up or starter flogger. Bessie lashes are made from medium thick garment cowhide, which gives this piece a pleasing weight. She looks like a modest little flogger, but we know dommes who use her to great effect - it all depends on the effect you want...

The rubber Bessie is a bit of a handful, to be honest, and not for beginners. Rubber's not just slappy, stingy, unforgivingly brutal and painful. It's heavy, too, and that's a message the rubber Bessie will spell out in hard red marks wherever you feel like reading it. When the time for nuance is over, it's time for the rubber Bessie.

Ten 1/2" wide, 10" long lashes on a solid delrin handle.

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