Señor Forkbeard whip


You're probably wondering what this one is all about, yes? Well, it's a little bit hectic, combining a lot of thud with some pretty nasty sting, and with a fair amount of weight-fuelled discomfort to boot.

The braid on this thing is about the most unusual you're likely to see on a whip. It's an eight lace double flat braid of heavy garment cowhide, which presents an X - shape in cross section. That means that although this piece has only five lashes, between them they carry the weight of ten regular four lace lashes.

To push the point, the bottom two inches or so of each lash forks into two four lace round braids, each of which is terminated in a bumpy little hitch knot. You know, we've said it before about these things, but Ouchie!

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