Nikita whip


One of the many endearing attributes of goatskin is that you can cut it thin and pull it tight. That makes it one of the best leathers there is for braiding. Another thing we love about goatskin is that, when tightly braided, it's unbelievably snappy, and stings like a herd of enraged jellyfish, without the nasty side effects.

Sting sluts will love the Nikita, because it's so light, virtually all you feel is the sting. And you do feel lots of that. Tops will love it because it's a beautifully responsive, versatile whip, and an absolute pleasure to handle. Many people make the mistake of thinking it's a miniature Cat, but nothing could be further from the truth. Nikita has a personality all of its own - if the Cat is a chocolate fudge ice cream, then Nikita is a cranberry sorbet... Nothing else handles quite like the Nikita. It swings, strokes or snaps with great accuracy, and will richly reward both top and bottom, leaving its telltale red lines on the latter like a road map of Kansas.

Five approximately 20" goatskin lashes.

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