Growltiger flexible whip


Elkhide may just be the ultimate leather for braided Cats. It's got weight, bounce and heft to spare and braids into beautiful full, round lashes. It moves through the air with a pronounced buzz, and lands on the back with a deep thudding warmth that radiates through the muscles, leaving the whippee bruised but with a profound sense of well-being.

As far as Cats go, this is top of the line. Unlike our Cat, this one is mounted on a flexible rubber-cored handle. That makes it lighter in the hand, and easier to use for people with RSI or tendinitis, or for longer sessions where the regular Cat may be tiring. The balance is maintained by holding the piece right at the pommel knob. Just swing and let it go. It's a beautiful thing!

9 x 24" lashes, 8 lace herringbone braided handle, Pineapple knot, Braided keeper.

Black only

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