Boutonnière Whip


For the best in assertive, punchy play, may we suggest the Boutonniere? This is a delightful, totally unique piece.  

We braid its five intricate lashes in a gorgeous six part flat braid, giving a fairly dense, elliptical profile to each lash.  And then, just to make it interesting, we finish the lashes off with diamond button knots that compress the better part of eighteen inches of leather into rock hard lumps, barely an inch across.  

The effect is like being pummelled with tiny fists, or being pounded by warm, leather hailstones.  The combination of dense, stingy, braided cowhide lashes and the knotted weights at the end enables great control in stroke placement and effect.

Available with a standard firm handle, or to add extra power and fluidity, on a flexible handle.

Five 18" lashes.

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