Everything old is new again


Well, hell.  Oh.  Here we are in 2018, and it's fair to say things aren't going great on a global level.  Climate change is almost certainly out of control; the old familiar nationalisms are re-emerging in Europe, there are trade wars and sabres rattling everywhere, the wretched of the earth are on the move, and the world's most powerful military economy has come under the control of a bloated, orange narcissist.  

There's not much to like about this picture, it's true, but if there is any hope, to paraphrase Orwell, it lies with the new revamped Leatherbeaten web page.  We grew bored with our old creaky site, so, like a nonagenarian's hip, we've ripped it out and replaced it with a brand shiny new titanium job, full of functionality and interactivity, and that sense of plowing forward into the future on a lurid green spaceboard.  

We hope you will like it as much as drunken sailors like grog.  Please take some of the opportunities it affords to get in touch with us, and tell us what you think of our gear, and us, and the world.  We are literally all in this thing together!