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LBU now on Patreon!

Welcome to Leatherbeaten U’s 365 day online apprenticeship, our College of Kink
For our old fans, it’s exciting to finally be showing you how we do our stuff. Follow along and you’ll understand why we charge what we do! Leatherbeaten has definitely been a journey; we’ve learned so much, and we’re really pleased to have you along for this final part of our ride. 

For new folks, an introduction is in order. 
We’ve been designing and manufacturing BDSM leather gear for over twenty years. You probably hadn’t heard of us before, but if you’ve shopped at quality sex’n’fetish stores (check the background in the video for a few), there’s a good chance you’ve seen our work. We’re the people supplying those shops with some of their most delectable floggers and restraints. You can peruse our website to see the kinds of things we make. 

Occasionally, we make it out of the shop to exhibit at shows and conferences, and invariably, people will browse our gear and gasp, because they’ve just realized that we are the people who actually made their favourite whip, or flogger, or strange twisted flagellator! It happens at pretty much every vendor fair we’ve ever been to. It’s not surprising. We don’t mark our gear with brands, our personal philosophy is more “No Logo” than Acme Licenced Product MatterTM and our marketing campaigns are essentially crayon-based. We’ve always valued substance and function over glossy, vacuous hype in a world where glossy, vacuous hype reigns supreme. And that’s why nobody knows who we are, but everyone loves our gear! 

Now, what have we got for you? 

We’re putting together a full collection of video tutorials detailing how to make our gear. Every month, you’ll get several new tutorials you can follow along with, so you can amass your own high-end toy library. We’ll show you how to tailor our designs to your aesthetic, kink, and preference. How excellent is that? 

You'll also be able to access the entire library-to-date and participate in online Q&A sessions with us, and whatever other ways we devise to interact with you. You’ll be our Patreon apprentices, and we’ll teach you the same sorts of things we’ve taught all our in-person apprentices over the years. Oh, and our videos? You’ll actually be able to see what’s happening and hear what we’re saying. No crummy video quality to leave you frustrated and annoyed. You know what I mean. We’ve all seen them. 

We look forward to discussing the ins and outs of leather creations. I know we’ve been doing this for an implausible number of years, but I find that there’s always new things to learn, even now. Some of our most wicked and delightful designs have been inspired by individuals looking for that nasty little something which hits their sweet spot. So we all learn from each other. That’s how community works.

So come on over to LBU, and learn from the pros!